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After visiting the site today I have noted the outdated site and will soon be in the process of upgrading it.

It is after all 8-10 years since I have done anything here! And a lot has changed over that time.

I started hard coding in the 80's and 90's at which point Globel was just an idea and more of a personal project and hobby, by 2000 I had created most of the foundations for the program but I was still of the mind-set of a personal site and after looking at the site it really does reflect my mind-set at that time, it was not until 2004 when Globel went through several changes and became more popular that I became more involved and very busy with the business side.

Now after several years have passed I am looking to develop this side of the business to a new level which means radical changes to Globel itself and of course the site, thank you to all my past and present users of the various systems and there will soon be updates across the board which will be targeted for completion in September 2015.


Saturday, 12 October 2002
12:26:19 AM
The user database upgrade complete, the new database is my own implementation so it's brand new and may squeak and complain a little but once running at full steam should handle 100s of thousands of users with little effort, unlike the problems I have experienced with MSQL at this level, but I reserve judgement until fully tested on this site, all the original user accounts have been converted to this new database design so if I have dropped a few or made an error you will not be able to log in and all you need to do is inform me so I can rectify it for you.

Actually truth is it went to easy and to well and I am expecting the bottom line with thousands of users converted the new database is handling it with a breeze so something has got to happen?

Mmm… well I will not re open the doors to globel yet there is one more conversion to do.


Monday, 22 July 2002
Upgrade-Upgrade-Upgrade I have been visiting several sites where the users have upgraded their statistics and not put the new counter code on their pages in all cases of this your counter will stop working so please change the code this is especially important for all old accounts I have been around a few of the accounts but I cannot advise all of you…

As you can tell the counter is coming along nicely now and the statistics will be improved even more in the next four weeks, I am in the process of setting up another upgrade but as advised in the past you will not have to change the pasting code on V3 accounts if you do not want to, the counter is constantly being improved and updated at the moment…

There have been quite a few problems in the cookies area of the counter and I knew there would be and this has been improved to stop your computer from being counted when you go into admin mode now the counter will display the last hit number also for you, additionally I have been setting up the code to enable more independent named counters so each page is physically named in the statistics and you get a separate count on each page, this is a couple of weeks off completion so will advise you then…

If you use this facility the code will be different for every page and there is no way around this really as each page will need to call a different counter code from our server, you can if you want still use the account the old way, but this will improve the exacting statistics no end so it is advisable to take a little time to do it….

Thanks again for your support Paul

Thursday, 04 July 2002
I have finally got the first part of the statistics out the way, been looking long and hard on which way to approach this problem not just for layout and what you can see now but tried also to keep a minds eye on the future there's a lot planned…

I say the first part because I need you to at least start to upgrade your accounts within the statistics because this is the key to it all….. new users who may read this don't need to bother because all new accounts automatically get the most recent stuff and there's a lot more to go at least 20 pages dependent on how I arrange them, there now is a robot that prepares the stats for viewing the only drawback with this is there can be up to a 15 minute wait before the stats are updated but more often than not a few seconds it all depends how busy the new robot is at the time of update this all helps your accounts no end though as in the statistics now can handle many thousands of hits instead of struggling with huge logs and becoming sluggish, it's also kinder on bandwidth which we all know how hot I am on that one…. I have had to remove a few things temporarily but added a lot more than taken away, it's the new structure of the statistics that is dictating this so it's not my fault, got to say that……….

The stats now are going to go into more depth and if all goes well you should see some terrific stuff in the next few weeks this is like an incubation stage for the new robot to settle in and any bugs to rear their ugly heads, the FAQ will be updated in due course to cover the stats but for the most part they are pretty self explanatory there's more to come so stay tuned, and as always any problems do tell me instead of keeping it to yourself, I am an easy going type of chap….


Monday, 27 May 2002:

Well that's it for now…Globel Wizard upgrade Completed still more to do but give this a rest for now; other than rectifying any bugs if they appear, I am quite pleased with the results and you now have millions of variations of different looking counters at your disposal, the Wizard literally moulds the counter around your page and I would be interested in your comments… you can now have:

1. 216 x 216 x 216 colour variations
2. Between 1 to 15 digits on the counter itself
3. You can opt for no numbers on your counter at all
4. The update is live and happens in real time without you touching any code
5. The counter digits can be different colours and sizes

And that really is summing it all up lightly, you can even space and pad the space between the counter box and digits and if you want not have a box at all…

Old accounts will have to upgrade to use the new wizard, but that's it the last time for pasting code, I will update the FAQ in due course to facilitate the new wizard a lot of stuff is redundant now because the wizard walks you through building your counter with on screen help step by step of the way and once pasted that's it….

I will be moving on to the stats as promised very shortly I am not going to estimate a time schedule yet until I am well underway but going on past stuff it should not take more than 14 days however don't hold me to that there's a lot to do, thankyou again everyone for your continual criticism of certain points, it has helped me make decisions about the evolvement of this counter and from now it only gets better…

Thanks again Paul

Wednesday, 15 May 2002:

Well I am just ecstatic…
Today I have just installed a major change to Globel if you are a customer of yesterday being the 14/05/2000 and if you log on to globel today to get your pasting code the system will advise you to upgrade to the new Globel pasting code….

This change is significant as a few users were having problems pasting the code into their not so compromising HTML editors, the code is now just a couple of lines and the rest of the code is called from our server and dynamically inserted into your WebPage in real time, this should eliminate so many problems this being just one…

Next real bonus is improvements can now be done on our server, so the new code you insert on your pages will never change and any upgrades to the code itself are a snip from my end…

The real biggie is your control panel now really does control your counter dynamically, so you can make any changes to your counter from your control panel including the colour wizard so your counter on your page will be updated to your new style without having to paste the code ever again, this is a real big bonus because I shall be working on some quite different looking counters in the future, and if you want to change your counter looks to something else in the pipeline you can do it at Globel without touching your WebPage on your site and any changes you make will happen instantaneously.

Good news or what…. Paul