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News 2

Bug Resolved, 23 September 2002

Immense apologies about the last 14 days with your statistics as you know I hit a problem with some very large database producing sites with the robot, most of the bigger sites have all been sorted out and you will see this in your statistics, the robot has also been disassembled and rebuilt in this time and have been much too busy to write what was going on so again I apologise for this…………

There are two really huge sites still under the microscope though and these two users will need to wait a bit longer whilst I resolve the best way to proceed, whilst I was looking at the bot I have done some major changes which will be reflected in everyone's stats in the next two weeks, these changes are to do with your counter names and referral information additionally if there is time search keywords from your visitors to your site are coming into play.

I have been trying to get to this stage for ages it seems like forever actually and wish to thank all those users for sticking with it I really don't think you will be disappointed with the new results….

The robot may seem to be a bit slow at the moment whilst he updates everyone; there are literally millions of lines for him to do so this may take a little time……….


Bug found , 10 September 2002

Hello well I found the problem and am busy at the moment refreshing the databases, you may get some weird results if you view your stats, plus I made a mistake in one area trying to rush and added to the problem….

You will just waste your views at the moment until I give the all clear, this should be ok by Thursday Thankyou for your patience at this time and sorry for any inconvenience caused, I will write more when the problem is totally resolved……….

New users will be the last to view their new stats so please be patient thanks……..


Bug found in statistics robot Thursday, 05 September 2002

The Robot has been turned off for a few days; from today until Monday 09/09/2002, I apologise for any inconvenience, this means your statistics will not update for five days, the counter is still collecting the information and as soon as the robot goes back on line will update these few missed days for you….

everything else is working as normal this is one of the prime reasons Globel was built segmental like this additionally in modules, where a part of the program can be completely removed and the rest will continue working properly and the real beauty is non of the databases are affected or scathed at all, new users obviously will not be able to see any statistical generation until after Monday but the same applies, your database is still being written by the counter and as soon as the robot is back it will update your stats for these missed days.......

A few of the high usage site's has brought about this bug those that are in excess of 500 hits per day, and in some areas has affected the speed and accuracy of the robot, of course until the robot had got to this level of usage I did not see this one coming and therefore need to temporarily disconnect it from the rest of the program………

I am Hot on this at the moment and may be delayed in responding to your help requests so please be patient at this time, after testing your stats will be updated and will resume as normal on Monday and you will be able to view your statistics for these 4 days of downtime…….