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Our Services

Server Maintenance

We maintain multiple intranet and internet-based servers and backend applications for our services and customers, if you require a server with or without backend support please contact us for a quote.

Maintain Build or Update

Front and backend applications for both windows and Linux (Most Flavours) Servers, we build scripts and executable files for servers to service client-side browsers and phone APPs, we also maintain, build or update applications including support for plugins for wordpress other CMS software.

Custom and Bespoke Applications

Mobile APP, Tablet, Desktop and custom front end service and client applications from a simple login to s full blown pricing tool for quotes or estimates, alterations to the same and/or upgrade!

Why Globel Software?

Stands The Test Of Time!

We build highly robust sustainable source code, some of our applications have been running for over 20 years and have required very few updates in some cases no update at all.

Virtually Indestructible!

In 1998 we designed a database that does not suffer the level of corruption of other databases like MySql if for some reason our DB application fouls in one area it preserves all other information automatically and continues to run!

Years Of Service

We have been providing our services for over 20 years mostly in the free sector, the best way to test a service is to let the public at it, i.e. our free counter has run for 20+ years and has millions of users.

What our Clients think

DATE : 28/7/2002 23:12:10
Just want to thank you for the Global counter.
I look at the stats almost every day, that's the best part. I can really see what's going on with my site.

Keep up the good work.

Many thanks to you Lonnie:

Anonymous User Message From Globel Pages

I think those people who work to ease the life of others like the globel needed to be thanx soooooooooooooo much

Many thanks to you Unknown:

I have been using your services for a few months now, and i am very impressed with your service. It's different to other counters, the main difference is your counters are always working.

Well done excellent work!

Many thanks to you Arioch, Although some do take a dim view of paying anything for a counter? also; a lot don't this is part of the reason for the small fee, you do get a lot in return and it enables me to ensure the continued growth of the counter itself, after all that is all I am interested in keeping it dependable, this in the long term helps everyone to ensure the counter keeps on trucking.

Anonymous User Message From Globel Pages

I have visited other sites with your counters on them and am greatly impressed.

Many thanks to you Unknown:

I just installed your counter on my web site, I am enjoying your web counter and appreciate the service you are providing!
Thank you for providing this free service!
I'll let my friends know about your web site and the great offerings.

In Appreciation,
Macon H. Fox

Many thanks to you Macon: