Globel Mailing Lists For Registered Users

Saturday, 21 June 2003
All Paid Up Registered users can now use Globels mail list facility…

1. You can now have a little form on your site to collect customers that want to join your mail list or newsletter, this is supplied in HTML form or just create a link to your subscribe form on the globel site!!
2. At the moment whilst the new feature is under intense scrutiny and testing a maximum of 500 email addresses can be collected using this new feature.
3. When a user joins your list you can prepare an automatic welcome message that is sent to your subscriber on joining your list, this is an optional feature but if switched on you can also prepare a goodbye message should the user leave, in addition to this in the welcome email you can switch on a deletion string that the user can use as courtesy to leave your list.
4. You can construct your own thank you pages and error pages as the new list allows you to seamlessly collect information at globel and re-direct to anywhere on the internet.
5. At the moment collection of email address is given to you in a list form ready for you to cut and paste into your favourite mailer program.

Other features to come are:
1. Individual deletion of subscribed users
2. A mailer program to manage your lists.

This new globel list feature will only be available to registered users, although the Globel mailer will be available Free at selected sites.

At the moment there are no FAQ available on the subject but as always contact me if you have a problem! This particular interface has been made very simple to use and if you are used to the globel control panel should find this particular new part of Globel a Snip!

Thank you all for your constant input I am busy building the mailer at present but will be switching back to the counter shortly to improve this more!

To get your mail list installed do the following:
1. Log on to your Globel Account. In the control panel Click "Add Service"

2. Check on this page that it says, "This Globel Account is REGISTERED" If it does say this then you should have a new link that say's "Install Mailing List" Click this if you want to install this feature!!

That's it!! A new menu item will appear in your control panel on the left hand side!! Enter this to set your new mailing list up. To add new users to your list just add their email address with a password, if account notification is set up they will receive a automated email message that you wrote.

If you have paid for an account and your control panel say's anything else than registered LOOK HERE to find out what to do!

Have a good one and any problems.......... mail me ;~)