Introducing the HTML Globel Encryptor!!

Wednesday, 09 July 2003

It's all going on???

Introducing the HTML Globel Encryptor!!

This is a new addition to Globels Webmaster Tools where you have no need to worry about right clicks anymore, you can actually encrypt the source code so others cannot read it but their browser will?

I have just registered so it may not work for a while, this will be the location of all the help files on this subject and future projects regarding encryption.

Even better? It's also free if you have a globel account and if you have paid it's included in your registration of Globel itself!!

Present Limitations
1. If you have a free account you can encrypt up to 1'000 characters, this may increase in the future although it could decrease as well.
2. If you have a paid globel account you can encrypt up to 10'000 characters again this may increase in the future.

What does it do?
It encrypts your source code on your web page itself, you paste your whole or even part of your source code into the Encryptor press encrypt and it presents you with a piece of encrypted data to paste into the source of your document, it will display exactly the same as if it was HTML the only difference is when a user right clicks your page all they will see is gobble de gook, encrypts Java Too! There is also a facility to encrypt plain text for protecting emails; this is not a total encryption solution "that is to come" however this is more of a deterrent to any possible criminal activity, and it really works.

How do I get it?
1. Log on to your Globel account!
2. Click Add service!
3. Click Add Encryptor Option!
That's it, just use it and enjoy!

As usual there are no FAQ or help files on this yet as it's hot off the press but they are on the way, if you have any questions regarding this new tool please feel free to ask, and as usual look forward to your comments.