Bulk Mailer

Saturday, 09 August 2003

Well the new release of the Bulk Mailer has Started and now we are back to the statistics, I have released a preliminary version of the new statistics in your control panels, this is mainly because I would appreciate your feedback on them, they have been designed to give you page views of a particular statistic, so please let me know what you think.

There is no overhead cost as in statistical views at the moment and if everything goes OK there will never be but I reserve this to see how it goes for now, over the next two to four weeks I am back concentrating on the statistical areas of your account, within this time I hope to include new additions like keywords and country locations, for now let's see how that goes.

You can access the new statistics by clicking on "counter statistics new" in the control panel, you can still access your other statistics in statistics ADV (if you notice I have moved them so you can access them easier), both sets of statistics will be improved to give users unparalleled variety within their accounts, additional news is that I will soon be moving all accounts to a faster server, this means whilst this move is in process your counter will be out of action for 1 to a maximum of 2 days, this is to allow enough time for the new DNS to resolve.

This new move will make a huge difference to the counter and get your accounts ready to facilitate extra services I have planned over the next 6 months and beyond so get ready for some really powerful features, the price for registration will remain the same, (other than standard world inflation amounts), Why? why not as you know most other services charge this amount per month if not more, you gain by me being a single programmer and unlike lot's of other sites who buy in their software to offer a service, this baby is my own and will continue to become extremely powerful.