Upcoming Globel Changes Aug 2003

Monday, 09 June 2003

Important to all paid users! There are a lot of changes going on in the background, steady and progressive implementation of these are required the first stage is to ensure everyone is up to speed!

Within your control panel you have a facility called "Add Service" if you are a paid user could you please check that on this page it reads "This Globel Account is REGISTERED" if it does not read this simple message please send me an email with your account number "10000?????" whatever the? May be, please include your username and the registration email address.

I will then update your account if it reads anything else! I seem to have been diversifying into several areas of Globel over the past eight weeks, small improvements have been going on all the time during this period, small tweak here and there etc. all modifications are a step forward but I think it's all going to come all at once; this time around.

Like the new forms service, this is well and truly underway; and the first part of this you should see implemented by the end of this week, we need to ensure that all panels are updated with the message above, this in particular has been updated to accept several services to your accounts and must read this particular message before any new additions can be installed.

The first part of the forms service is a mailing list program; this mailing list is quite different initially it will allow up to a 500 to be listed on your mailing list and for you to be able to post to all of your users within minutes, this is to ensure the program does not consume huge amounts of bandwidth however if your requirements are past 500 emails in one hit please do inform me.

It should be mentioned at this point I do not support Spam; the new system is designed to collect email address for you 24/7 for individuals that want to join your list and to post to those individuals your newsletters with minimal fuss, if anyone is reported abusing this facility I shall have no alternative other than to suspend their account, this particular service is designed as an aid, not a hindrance.

More on this when we get to its release.
At this point please make sure your account is ready