Counter Statistic Additions AUG 2003

Sunday, 31 August 2003

I am pleased to introduce a few new additions to the statistics including the long awaited search keywords, initially you will notice that the "statistics ADV" has now moved into the counter statistics folder in your control panels, thought it best to keep it all in one place; as the statistics are going to expand over the coming months.

3 new additions to the statistics, The first one is the new Top 100 last referrals, this is precisely what it say's, your last 100 referrals over whatever time period with the most recent at the very top, descending down your list to the very last.

The next statistic is slightly more complex and that is the new referral domains statistics, these give you a list of domains, with the highest hitter at the very top; the domain referrals are this way so that you can see at a glance which domain overall is sending you the most hits to your web pages, again these descend from highest to the lowest hitter to your site, you can also expand on each domain that is sending you your hits with each page from that domain itself.

This also extends to the full search engine string that the visitor used when visiting your site for the first time.... including keywords , this new approach to referrals gives you extended tracking to the whole picture and I think you will agree are a very powerful addition to Globel Administrator, these new referral statistics take over from your "statistics ADV" version, your old referrals are still within "statistics ADV" now renamed to "Ye Olde Stats ADV" these will however not be updated from this point on in the referrals area, as the new referral list is far more superior, however the full page views will always be available.

Last and certainly not least are the new search engine keywords; this I have been promising for a while but was constantly getting distracted by other issues, these new search keywords will help greatly with your Meta site search adjustments to your pages, you can now optimize your site around these keywords and also see what others you can improve on to get your site ranking high in search engine criterion.

Overall I think I am pleased with the new statistics and as always there's still more to come so watch this space and enjoy the new additions, Oh Yes; all new search keywords referrals etc. will start from today, so it may take a week or two before you really see the benefit of the new referral engines, I have a few additions to make yet but after this you will be able to request a statistics rebuild which will essentially rebuild all your statistics again so that you can see all your past keywords and referrals in the new interface.

Have fun
BTW. If you want to see the new statistics in full action click demo and log on to the demo account! this was typed out fairly fast to give you this bit of news, I will be updating the FAQ on all this in the near future.