Updated Counter Statistics September 2003

Thursday, 18 September 2003

Four New Statistics for you, I am pleased to add yet another four important statistics to your arsenal in the control panel, namely: Browsers. Platforms. Languages. And last but not least Countries, the robot will start updating these from today so some of you will not see any results appear straight away, however those of you with very active accounts will see some additions to these areas in a very short time.

I have also updated the Statistics FAQ for these pages:

The New Browser Statistic:
This gives you the actual browser specifically the visitor was using when visiting your site:

The New Platforms Statistic:
This gives you the actual operating system of the user when he/she was visiting your site, please do not confuse this with other statistic compilations, simply stating windows 98 is not necessarily the true operating system that the user was using: i.e. you can use windows 98 on other platforms like Mac PC's this is a true statistic where available of your users actual operating system itself as Win32.

The New Languages Statistic:
This also gives you the true language of your visitor when they visit your site, this is taken again from the operating system itself, so whatever language they are using on that system will be shown here:

The New Countries Statistic:
Again please do not mistake this one for other statistical compilations, usually a visitors country of origination may be taken from their ISP this is more accurate, however more often than not it is taken from a referring domain like .com for the US and. co.uk for the UK, this is not a true statistic, the most accurate statistic you can get is actually from the machine itself, this statistic is compiled this way and the actual country of origin is taken again from the visitors operating system.

I hope you are pleased with all the new statistics introduced I will be monitoring their progress over the next four weeks, if you have any problems with any of this please let me know as usual. You can see the new statistics in operation in the usual Demo Account area.