Counter Time Zones

Saturday,28 February 2004

As promised I have now implemented time zones for all my International friends! If you want to use this facility I have made it as straight forward as possible and also on the creation of each counter, so for each new counter you create you can have a different time zone for it, i.e. I have noticed a few companies have different websites! One with the US extension and some with the UK extensions as well, this will aid the time zones of each domain extension; this is obviosly if you want this degree of versatility! At very least it puts your statistics in line with your website or countries time zone.

Those that made new counters over the last few days will find some discrepancies in their hourly totals, this was not found until quite a few hours later when a bug was discovered, this has now been fixed and is fully operational, however as always if you have any problems please contact me.

On older accounts prior to today's date you will need to re-create your counters in order to get the time zone working for your country of origin, i.e. the servers time zone is GMT London UK, you can go plus or minus this time to get the exact time in your country in both hours and minutes, this will obviosly reflect in your statistics as in your hours of visitation! You don't need to do this if you live in the UK. I am preparing for another change in the counter to improve it's efficiency so until then watch this space ;~)

BTW. I know I have been quite for a few months but am always busy in the background "honest guv", i.e. take a look at the new globel site this is an extension to webmaster tools website and will become part of the S810 robot, more on that later but for now is a useful addition to Globel and will improve over the coming months, there is as always lot's of stuff going on in the background and with such a long way to go, best foot forward and all that ;~)