Upgrading The Globel Site


After visiting the site today I have noted the outdated site and will soon be in the process of upgrading it.

It is after all 8-10 years since I have done anything here! And a lot has changed over that time.

I started hard coding in the 80's and 90's at which point Globel was just an idea and more of a personal project and hobby, by 2000 I had created most of the foundations for the program but I was still of the mind-set of a personal site and after looking at the site globel.co.uk it really does reflect my mind-set at that time, it was not until 2004 when Globel went through several changes and became more popular that I became more involved and very busy with the business side.

Now after several years have passed I am looking to develop this side of the business to a new level which means radical changes to Globel itself and of course the site, thank you to all my past and present users of the various systems and there will soon be updates across the board which will be targeted for completion in September 2015.