The Globel Wizard is copyright © January 2002 all Rights Reserved, which is a manifestation of other ideas used with a different approach it is this approach that I reserve the right to protect as in my idea and the way in which it has been used here, I give no authority or permission without application to me in writing to use in any form of a similar service which employs the wizard idea used in a similar way this includes and is not limited by polling, statistics, etc. if you wish to use my idea on your site please ask permission before you do and for me to give consent first before you do, I may only require recognition of the simple fact that this is my idea with a simple link to my site or other sites but please ask first….

The Globel wizard is just the beginning of a whole host of ideas and really just the tip of the iceberg so to speak that will be released over time, initially at the time of writing the idea here is relatively simple and employs a strategic approach of old methods to produce a new way of thinking of which I wish to protect at this point I know it's not perfect yet but believe me it will be or as far as it can be, however, as Globel develops a lot of very new original idea's will be released and will wish to protect these also; from others not capable of doing the same and coming up with their own ideas with only one wish in life but to leach off others.

I will be looking at some point for serious investors and sponsors into the future of globel as some of the idea's I have are quite ambitious and quite beyond the capabilities of one person my own limitations recognised as a programmer although I obviously need money like everyone else to live that is not my driving force or motive I most of all enjoy a challenge and test myself to the limit and love programming and exploring the unknown to produce an art piece, although I am creative and produce a different result from most foundational ideas I need others to achieve results in some of my ideas and maybe develop them on from the initial acorn so if you think you are interested in making something worthwhile please do not hesitate to get in touch investor/sponsor or fellow programmers are all welcome to voice their opinion….