As some of my users have asked here it is!

Other than having quite a colourful past (to say the least) I have qualifications in electrical and electromagnetic engineering, this includes and is not limited by three phase generators and industrial installations mainly in the field of lifts and escalators, I am classed as a multi faceted engineer in controller technology, I also have been involved with and installed huge networks and intranets and semiconductor interfaces.

Over the years my interest swung around to Information Technology (IT) due to the capability to build robotic machinery, this also developed into a healthy interest in programming; I have an extremely logical and thirsty brain for information and enjoy not only building machinery but creating the brains behind them (programs).

Along the way I have amassed a huge portfolio of projects, which include all my qualifications and also have set standards of my own, I am naturally creative with my hands and have ability to be imaginative and creative in the creation of the weird and wonderful, and this is where Globel steps in.

Globel is a product of my overall creative capabilities; it's taken a few years to build to this point as I have redesigned the Globel Database from scratch and most of my work has been involved in building solid foundations, as you probably know a service is only as good as the platform it sits on (pretty much the same with buildings really), the many thousands of users that use Globel every day enjoy different parts of it's structure and Globel over the years has become as stable as the concrete it sits on, being an apprentice trained engineer affords me this discipline of mind to know that every part including foundations are important, this seems to be a problem with many services, sometimes; because creative I tend to go off on a tangent and have to really ground myself again to get myself back on track, one such instance was the Globel Bulk Mailer, even although a very useful piece of software (to be in the world) that was a tangent that lasted a few weeks.

Most of my interest has been in statistical analysis, for that I have built the free counter, I still continue to improve develop and upgrade this part of the service until perfected, I know (besides statistics) that Globel is likely to take me the rest of my life because of the size of the project I have created and set myself and Globel has many more surprises and exciting features to come so watch this space and enjoy my baby as she grows and as the intuitive interface and service unfolds.

Globel is now registered as a Limited Company in the United Kingdom under the name of Globel Software Limited and although not completely formed yet will enhance my service to you my users as new products and services become available, I have so much to do yet so to all my existing clients please enjoy each new service as it becomes available and welcome to all new customers.