What is a counter?

A Web/Hit Counter is a program used by web developers to record and display the amount of visits/hits a webpage

Who can see my count (page views)?

Depends on the counter!
The counters are imbedded in and displayed on the webpage, Meaning anyone visiting that page can see your count.
However some counters offer an 'invisible' style of counter to disguise your page views.

Why use a counter?

To monitor your site traffic and seeing how many hits your website is getting.
To know if your reaching your audience and see how much time they are spending on your site.
Counters can also be used to highlight what your most and least popular pages are.

Multiple counters?

Yes you can have multiple counters for different sites, taking that one step further however you can also have
multiple counters for different pages on the same site to indicate the visitors each page receives.

What is Statistics view?

A statistics view sometimes reffered to as an admin page allows you to monitor all your counters (if you have
multiple) in one place so you don't have to manually

Are Counters Customisable?

There are loads of different styles and variations of counters available that will allow you to find something
unique and fitting for your site.

What is a link tracker?

More sophisticated counters can not only record the visitors to your site but can also track the amount of
visitors you send to other websites.

Can i reset my count?

Counters do not automatically reset however it is possible to reset or even change your counter if you wanted to
start a fresh for whatever reason.