(Internet Revision 1.5 - 12 April 2001)


Globel, is Delighted that the Internet presents this ideal opportunity for communication with yourself wherever you are in the world, in new and exciting ways with information about our programming , news, and all other forms of interaction. Visitors to our Web sites can be confident and assured that we are committed to their privacy concerns. Specifically, we recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information collected about our visitors.

Globel recommends parents to supervise their children's activities online and to participate with their children whenever possible consideration to the installation of parental control software and tools available from online services where availible is highly recommended these help ensure children's safety online. These tools can prevent children from disclosing personal information, i.e. name, address or e-mail details. This is not designed to scare you but merely to remind responsible parents to look out for their little ones, just as you would if you sent them into the big wide world, the Internet is a community, and a very large one at that, and like any public place there is a lot of good as well as bad.

Globel, will not, with knowledge collect information from any child under the age of 13. You must be 18 years or older to make any purchases from Globel. By using our sites, you agree to the Privacy Policy and our Terms of Globel. If you do not agree to our Policy's or any of our Terms of Use, please do not use our Web sites. Globel reviews its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use periodically and reserves the right at its discretion, to modify and add or remove sections of this Policy, and/or the Terms of Use at any time. This page should be reviewed by yourselves periodically so you are kept up to date of any changes this can be quickly identified by looking and keeping a note of the revision number at the top of the page. If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of our Policy's, please e-mail us at :webmaster@Globel.co.uk.

Where possible Globel will always inform you when it is collecting personal information about you with our forms, and our intentions for such information. For example, we may need to collect information to respond to one of your requests for search results or for buying products or Webspace for billing purposes. We also keep information about customers, individual shopping sessions, and purchases in a secure database on our servers to fulfill online transaction and banking requirements. Your IP address may be collected this helps prevent fraud and misuse this is classed as non-personal information from your ISP's address.

All The following information is used only to enhance on-line experience for our visitors by optimizing our Web pages for your computer (i.e., the identity of your Internet browser, the type of operating system you use, and the domain name of your Internet service provider). We may also use this non-personal information to determine the total number of visitors to our Web sites.

When viewing our Web sites, we may store some information on your computer. This information will be in the form of a 'Cookie' or similar file this helps us in many ways. I.e. Cookies allow us to design our Web site to better match your specific preferences and interests. Most Internet Browsers, allow you to erase Cookies from your computers hard drive, additionally you can block out Cookies, and/or give have a warning before a Cookie is stored on your computer. You will have help instructions within your Browser to learn more about these functions.

advertising to Globel visitors,Globel does not collect any personal information about the Web site user, such as the user's name, or address Globel does, however, collect non-personally identifiable information, such as the server a user's computer is logged onto, the user's browser type (for example, Netscape or Internet Explorer), and If the user responded to the advertisement or not. Globel's use of the non-personally identifiable information collected may include targeting advertisements and measuring advertisement effectiveness. Information about our visitors is collected only when knowingly and voluntarily submitted by those visitors. Globel uses such information only for the purpose for which it was submitted, unless we disclose other uses at the time of collection. Globel does not sell personal information to third parties. Globel may share personal information with other parts of our company, but this will never be used on an individual basis outside of the company. Globel maintains appropriate safeguards to ensure the security, integrity, and privacy of personally identifiable information in its possession. Globel may use such personally identifiable information in the aggregate (non-identifiable) form to make our Web site better and more responsive to the needs of our visitors. This statistical compilation of non-identifiable information may also be used by or provided to others for marketing, advertising, or research purposes.

Should any visitor to Globel provide information, questions, comments, suggestions, ideas or any material through the feedback mechanisms located in the Web site within CHAT ROOMS AND MESSAGE BOARDS, Globel shall have no obligation of any kind with respect to such information and shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute the information to others without limitation. The information expressed in any Message Boards or chat rooms, or other forums conducted on Globel ("Forums"), if any, are not necessarily those of Globel or its affiliated or related entities or content providers and Globel makes no representations or warranties regarding that information or those opinions.