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Domain Defender

What is Domain Defender?

Domain Defender is a free to use service that will check domains and URL’s against multiple malicious databases and blacklists to discover if a website is currently listed on or has been listed on one of those databases.

Why use Defender?

It’s always a risk when clicking links... most links and websites are safe but the internet is a large place and many aren’t. The web contains a lot of harmful content and security risks.

Test suspicious URL’s or domains with Domain Defender before clicking the link to discover if the site can be trust and reduce the risk of end up on a harmful site.

For website owners Domain Defender can also be a useful tool to keep track of your domains reputation and monitor your site history. Being listed on a blacklist can severely damage your site so regularly monitor your domains reputation so if the unfortunate circumstance occurs and you find yourself on a blacklist you can take the necessary steps to remove your site from the list before too much damage is caused to your domain.

Test out the Domain Defender for yourselves HERE

Domain Defender extensions!

Domain Defender is now available as browser extensions so you can test every site on the go as you visit them.

Available now on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

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