News mails and bulk email applications

Everyone running a (online) business knows how important it is to stay in contact with your customers. In the old days before the computer revolutionized the way we communicate, mailings were sent out to the customers, with the latest offers, or new products, and many new orders would result from such mailings.

With the arrival of the Internet, all this changed. The world got smaller, and suddenly it was just as easy to do business with somebody across the globe, as it was doing business with your next door neighbor.

As a result the client base grew, and also the means to deliver the mailings, through email the “news mail” was born. Back in the nineties almost everything was done manually. Clients would fill out a form to be included in the news mailings, and the output of that form would arrive in the company mailbox, from where the email address of the requesting client would be added to a contact list in the mail client of choice, like Outlook exchange, to name one of the most used ones at that time.

This all sounds nice in theory, but the reality was far from perfect. When a company is receiving hundreds of forms this way, maintaining the mailing lists(Assuming there is only one, and not several different ones, as is usually the case) would become a full time job, where new addresses would have to be added, requests to be taken off processed and then removed from the list, and the chores go on.
When you are running a small web shop, this may still be doable, but when your business is serving hundreds or thousands of clients each day, this task needs to be automated.

For this purpose the “Bulk emailer” was created, a tool that allows people to join the mailing list online, get added or removed automatically, so the focus for the company would once again be where it should: Creating a killer news mail and sending it out on a regular basis.

The functionality from a Bulk email application does not stop there: With the arrival of email, another phenomena that is called spam emerged, where people would receive hundreds of unwanted emails a day, from less than ethical entrepreneurs on the world wide web. With email being a grey area, they made it next to impossible to get unsubscribed from the lists, if anything, removing yourself from the list, would get you listed on 10 other mailing lists, and the spam continued. This led to the proper legislation, and in this day and age, sending email must adhere to a whole range of conditions, like a user must have opted in for inclusion to the mailing list, and that same user must also have the option to opt out again.

A bulk email tool, will handle all this automatically, so while all requirements are met, for sending out large quantities of email, the sender still has only the message he or she is sending to focus on.

In today’s world, a proper bulk email application has become a necessity for any organization, that regards itself as being professional.

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