Globel CMS and Directory Software

A background development has been my CMS and directory software that does not depend on any other database out there that are known to mostly consume large amounts of resources on heavy data loads and/or a large sites with lots of visitors.

In tests a small mistake in a piece of code or plug in can be very costly on resources.

It does rely on the same database that was designed for our counter software, and this makes it very, very fast on delivering pages even with thousands of visitors, and has proven that the database itself need not be a limitation anymore, Globel database takes very little resources and processor power the only thing that can give you a slow site is the server itself, in tests it is even forgiving of mistakes in code.

Another feature is the built in optimisation, but more about that later.

For now Globel is running trials and has thousands of websites with its CMS software installed and is still growing, if you would like to be selected for our next batch of trials please contact us, unfortunately at present there is a long waiting list, this site runs an earlier version of the CMS and below are a few other sites using our software.

  • Free Stuff
  • Green Issues

We will add further sites at a later point with a directory of users, we are hoping to have a diverse selection of sites for this collection.


Games plug in: automatically installs a games feature on your site for your visitors, just select your games from the many thousands available and the program will take care of the rest.

Adserver Plug in: takes care of your online advertisers and sponsors in one great easy to use application, for more details look at the adserver details.