The invaluable uses of today’s Counter Software

Everyone who owns his own website knows how important it is to get people to visit the pages of the site. Lots of time and effort go into promoting the website, and in order to keep track of the result, software for keeping track of the visitors on those pages is something no “webmaster” can do without.

This software that runs in the background of your website is called a counter, and they come in all sorts and sizes ranging from very simply scripts consisting out of only a few lines of code, that you add to the pages, for showing how many views a page has received, to sophisticated packages offering complete statistics on everything that is happening on your web site. Any company running a professional website will use the latter type, as it gives insight into which pages get visited most, where the bulk of the visitors are coming from, what browser they use, what operating system their PC is running on and much more important information about who is visiting your pages and where they came from.

This in turn will show which promotion you are running was effective, and will also help you to optimize the site for your visitors, as you are now able to optimize the design to the settings the bulk of your visitors are using.

Using counter software is also important to determine what country your visitors are coming from and in addition to a geo targeting database it would for example enable you to display your site in the native language of the visitor automatically, or serve an offer that is valid specifically for residents of that country. Knowing the country your visitors reside in will also help you optimize the promotions, which in turn will lead to an increase in sales. The possibilities are almost endless.

A professional counter package will also keep track on which search engines crawl your site, and will even give you an analysis of the keywords that were used to find your web site, enabling you to optimize your pages even further, for better placement in the search results of those Search Engines.

Over the years counter software has evolved into complete and invaluable statistical packages, no web site can do without, because running a web site without it is the same as sailing a ship on the ocean blind. In other words, how will you set a goal, if you do not have the means to see if you have reached it?

In order to get the maximum results from all promotional efforts that come with promoting a site, good counter software is the corner stone for all insight gained regarding the results of these promotions, and the basis for any new marketing promotions that will follow.