The importance of HTML encryption

Since the arrival of the Internet, copying and reproducing content has become much easier then it was before. Especially when it comes to HTML pages, images or Video on the world wide web, it is easy to simply save an image, or complete web page, with only a few clicks of the mouse.

This in turn has played havoc on most content publishers, in any area online, from writers to Photographers, they all suffer from the “freedom” that comes natural to the Internet.

As the web developed, several means to combat this “theft” of intellectual property, ranging from special “secure” connections, to placing the content offline, using special software a user has to install to get to it, through an (often expensive) dial up connection.

One of the best ways to protect your data is to use encryption on your web pages. Special software will encode your pages, while you can just add this code to the page(s) you would like to protect. Java script based protection certainly is not the hardest means of encryption to crack, but it is still to be preferred over the alternatives, simply because those secure(SLL) connections are expensive, special dial up software scares away customers, and even if you take those extreme measures, a skilled user can still hack in and steal the content.

A thief that is determined to get your content, will get your content, but that does not mean you should just hand it over. Encrypting a webpage takes less than 2 minutes, and will protect your content from thieves 99 percent of the time. Most thieves are either to lazy to make an effort to produce their own content, or they simply lack the skills. In both cases your content would be safe if you used encryption to protect it

Encrypting pages should not be done by just generating an encoded version of the source code of a web page. Encryption enlarges the code up to 300 percent, and therefore only the parts of the page that actually carry the content should be encrypted, in order not to slow down the loading of the page when somebody visits it.

Java script based encryption, contributes to slowing down the illegal distribution of content, and should be part of any page designing process. Along with other measures, like “watermarking” images or video content, it will make a big difference in the fight against content theft and will stop the bulk of the would be content thieves, dead in their tracks.

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