My Users Testimonies:

This page is a list of the Testimonies received, overall everyone seems to be happy with my service to them so far and it always delights me to receive such kind words and makes what I do seem all the more worthwhile and Thankyou all; For your support of my work.


Anonymous User Message From Globel Pages
Is this a free TRIAL counter as opposed to a free counter?
If it is, then I have no desire to use it.
Nonetheless, your counters are the only ones which seem to actually work!

Many thanks to you Unknown: I Think? My Dad used to tell me off like this... LOL? I was never quite sure where I Stood, As it states on the pages the Free Version Is Shut down every now and then whilst I accumulate funds for new servers to facilitate the free version, at other times the Globel version is always available and is $5.45 For a full year, I am sorry you came at a time that the free version was unavailable, however this sacrifice ensures the counter is permanently reliable, my friend this is like a double edged sword, come back soon.

Anonymous User Message From Globel Pages
I think those people who work to ease the life of others like the globel needed to be thanx soooooooooooooo much

Many thanks to you Unknown:

Hi Paul,
I have been using your services for a few months now, and i am very impressed with your service. It's different to other counters, the main difference is your counters are always working.

Well done excellent work!

Many thanks to you Arioch, Although some do take a dim view of paying anything for a counter? also; a lot don't this is part of the reason for the small fee, you do get a lot in return and it enables me to ensure the continued growth of the counter itself, after all that is all I am interested in keeping it dependable, this in the long term helps everyone to ensure the counter keeps on trucking.

Dear Paul,
I have deleted my account but I wanted to let you know why. It has nothing to do with your service, which has been great.
The weblog service that I am using has decided they will only let us use one site counter service due to people abusing the java script and hacking onto other people's sites.
Everyone in the weblog community found this out this morning so it wasn't very pleasant.

Anyway, I wish you luck and a great year. Again, your service has been great.
Thank you,

Many thanks to you Janea, I am sorry to see you go... please do come back some day when you get a less paranoid ISP, although; I do understand their reasoning.

Anonymous User Message From Globel Pages
I have been using your two counters on my web site for about 4 months. the feedback they give me about visitors and referrers is excellent and a worthwhile investment.

Many thanks to you Unknown:

Anonymous User Message From Globel Pages
I have visited other sites with your counters on them and am greatly impressed.

Many thanks to you Unknown:

Hi Team,

I am a newbie at website design and have really enjoyed playing with my website after searching high and low for some way to get my site statistics I came across your site. I really appreciate your great service. I have also put all my freinds onto your service. Thanks heaps.

p.s. maybe you could also provide a service that sends e-mails and forms! alot like the one you have on your opening page.
Thanks again

Many thanks to you Clinton:

i heard that you have the service of counters of very good quality i am new on this but i would apreciatte your help in getting one counter for my web site well thanks any way

Many thanks to you Sam:

DATE AND TIME: 28/7/2002 23:12:10
Just want to thank you for the Global counter.
I look at the stats almost every day, that's the best part. I can really see what's going on with my site.
Keep up the good work.

Many thanks to you Lonnie:


Many thanks to you Unknown:

thanks for your help, I got it set up. These where pretty simple instructions. I am blonde though sooooo.... LOL Have a great day and thanks for all your help. So many nice people on here:)


Many thanks to you Sarah:

Hi Paul,
I just installed your counter on my web site, I am enjoying your web counter and appreciate the service you are providing!
Thank you for providing this free service!
I'll let my friends know about your web site and the great offerings.

In Appreciation,
Macon H. Fox

Many thanks to you Macon:

Hi Paul,
I need a good dependable, non obtrusive counter. I like yours. Knowing that I only have to pay for one account for the site is GREAT. I just couldn't afford to pay for 20!My average monthly hit rate is 35,000 page hits for the total site (Remember, I have over 200 pages on this site now). This is OK. I never meant it to be a real poplular site, just popular amongst conchologists, malacologists shell collectors and such;
It makes a BIG difference to me to deal with someone as friendly as yourself and as prompt and courteous as you have been. I'm not young and I really am not overly proficient at understanding all the ins and outs of codes etc. so to be able to discuss things with a person makes me feel so much better.

All the best,

Many thanks to you Avril:

My God, I've got it!!
Just a note to say how happy I am with you're counter.
I'm a new PC user and am navigating my way through building my site by luck and common sense. Your tutorial was great. If the counter remains as good as it looks now, and the system keeps intact, I thankyou.
The stats are really helpful. Brilliant.Might even post you a copy of my album!

Nice one!
Dave Berridge

Many thanks to you Dave:

Hello Paul,
I just wanted to thank you for your counter and ask about fees etc.
I understand that you can't go on without money but I could not see a link to the fees you impose when you need to.
Also, just a little thing that detracts from the effort that you have put in to this project. I hope you don't mind me telling you that a spelling error, a big one, has crept in to the statistics area.
You have written "summery" when I suspect you meant to write summary. Again, thank you for your counter.
Best wishes


Many thanks to you Peter: And ummmm, whoooops, me rushing again i will have to remember that on the next update.......... Thanks Pete.

I have recently registered to use the Global counter and would just like to say how impressed I was with your website it is easy to follow and well thought out.
Keep up the good work


Many thanks to you David:

Great Counter.
The best i've found.

Regards Rodrigo

Many thanks to you Rodrigo:

This is the most complicated system for getting a counter I have ever seen. It's too bad, as there is a real opportunity with going down. But you need to be simple and intuitive, like Beseen, and this is not.

I have not included the users location, but be assured I am working on his comment:

HI i think this site is wonderful ^_^ It rules i have been looking for a site to get a counter I finally found one x.x..

Many thanks to you Unknown:

DATE AND TIME: 31/8/2002 3:06:2
Hello Paul,
Just want to take a moment and thank you for the great counter.
I have been playing with websites, including building some for non-profit organizations and commercial sites along with my own projects and this is the finest setup I have found.
Thank you for the positive things you are doing to improve our life on the Internet.

Toby Edmondson
6620 Sunnyside St.
La Porte City, IA 50651

Many thanks to you Toby :

First of all I would like to thank you very much for accepting me at your members log in and 2nd of all I'm very happy with your site it is fast and reliable for my views when they click on my web site. Of course My counter that you provided is working and I got to give it to you, you are really smart to do a web page like you have. Me and my members of S.G.R RECORDS would like to thank you once again for your welcoming..

My name is Eugene Rivera ceo and president of:
God Bless You and have a great day.

Many thanks to you Eugene:

Your counters are great, easy to use, I am working on a web page for OA for Boy Scouts, I need 3 more counters, is there anyway I can get 3 more?

Thank you,

Many thanks to you Mary:

Hails Paul.
I am now able to access my account, thanks very much for the very professional service. regarding the stats package that comes with the counter, if you would like something to compare or take notes from, the server i use comes with its own stats package. you can check it out at this address : its quite comprehensive and effective. good luck with your updates etc, and if theres anything i can do to help, let me know.


Many thanks to you Grym/Derek:

Thank you for the help and for the terrific service that you provide. The counter is installed and seems to working great.

Mark Flynn Counsellor/Career Education Facilitator
South Surrey/White Rock Learning Centre

Many thanks to you Mark:

Hi Paul!
It's nice to see someone so actively involved in improving his services...
I see so many web services with absentee owners it's refreshing to see your personal input frequently on your own site! 😉

I really enjoy my counter...
my favorite features are being able to know how many unique visitors I have from one month to the next, (seeing if my traffic building skills are paying off!) and of course knowing how many visitors I have at the moment within the site. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

We appreciate it!!!!!

When you have the time, take a look at my site and consider using it for an example on your links page. Have a great day!!!
(the counter is on the index page at at the bottom)

P.S. I just thought of a suggestion if it is ever possible to do so. I like to let my visitors know how long the counter has been counting since a certain date with a line of text above the counter. However, the way the script is constructed, it pushes my text two lines above the counter. If in the future the counter could also read how long it has been counting, that would be so cool!!)

Great Idea, will put it in the cue after the release of the unique counter...

I think your pages are wonderful and very user friendly just as they are!

Thanks Unknown: from user pages........

I use the Globel Counter and various other services from "DREAMSIGHT" and I can see where Paul has gotten a lot of good comments! These comments are merited. He takes into consideration individual needs and works with it... and I must say in a most professional and consumer friendly way.
Paul makes any thing he does for you a "win win" situation. For anyone serious about how good this site is. Pitch in and help support it. I am doing so. The services rendered are of a very high standard...and unlike many other webmasters, I have met quite a few, "DREAMSIGHT" gets things done in a very reasonable amount of time.

Thank you, Paul Hope to be working with you on many occasions.

Best to you
Darin Pulse

Thank you for being part of Globel, Darin, and for those that do not know what DREAMSIGHT is visit this is my central fun site and helps support several parts of the services I can offer you.